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Kirstie Pearce

I am conscious, nurturing  mother of two strong women, grandmother of two star children and partner to the big hearted Paul.

My journey of healing through trauma has been diverse. I grew up in an alcoholic home and  observed the strength of my amazing and resilient mother, who made the empowering decision to leave.  


Moving through life I was diagnosed with post natal depression, Ross River virus and chronic fatigue syndrome after the birth of my youngest daughter.  i know, what a crazy mix of symptoms. This was a wake up call.  I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful acupuncturist and started exploring natural therapies, meditation, massage therapy, Reiki and yoga as a means to self-heal. This led me to study psychotherapy, massage, Reiki and yoga and then my own small business. 


Later on in life I went off in a whole different direction, studied accounting and  moved up into senior management roles. This all came to a quick halt when my  world come crashing down due to extreme stress, adrenal fatigue and finally a freeze response to her trauma.  I found myself in the car unable to get out, totally frozen behind the wheel.  Again another dark night of the souls and time to finally face my shadow self and re-direct my life. 

I am now called to work with groups and individuals that are ready to work through their own stories of shadow,  trauma and anxiety. 

I am here to support you to move through your trauma, adversity, mental illness and the stories that you tell yourself. My mission is to support you through shadow work,  help you to reclaim your personal power and voice so that you can live an authentic, passionate and heart-centred life.

My philosophy

The philosophy of shadow work is to enable you to live life wholeheartedly, with passion and authenticity. This is true freedom and empowerment. 


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These tools will assist you to identify the areas of your life you are ready to reclaim. Start living an empowered life now. 



Do you feel locked in your emotions, unable to let go and find ultimate joy in your life and key relationships?   Work with me on unlocking the deep gifts of your shadow, perceived negative emotions, anxiety and trauma.  


Listen to their stories and find clarity so you can move forward and live your best life.


Come and join me at an event or retreat retreat.  


You will be nurtured and supported to move through the barriers holding you back from living your ultimate life. 

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"I went and saw Kirstie for healing. At that particular time I was struggling a lot ... she really helped me through my internal war. ...I still thank her for her guidance and care. She is one amazing lady, who has the gift of love to give."


Abbie Hughes

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