About Kirstie Pearce - Trauma Coach

 Kirstie is a conscious, nurturing  mother of two strong women, grandmother of two star children and partner to the big hearted Paul. ​She lives on GunaiKurnai country, nestled in the hills of far East Gippsland, enjoying a grounded, simple life and a wine or two. It is from here that she loves taking care of her growing family,  creating a home  of love and community, where people congregate in deep, soulful connection. 

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Kirstie's journey to become a Trauma Coach is one of healing through personal trauma. Growing up in an alcoholic home, Kirstie observed the strength of her mother to make the empowering decision to leave.  

 Diagnosed with post natal depression, Ross River virus and chronic fatigue syndrome after the birth of her youngest daughter,  Kirstie started exploring natural therapies, meditation, massage therapy, Reiki and yoga as a means to self-heal. This led her to study psychotherapy, massage, Reiki, life coaching, alternative therapies and yoga. From here Kirstie started her own small business, running healing sessions from her home.  

 Returning to the workforce, Kirstie moved up into senior management roles, only to have her world come crashing down due to extreme stress, adrenal fatigue and finally a freeze response to her trauma.  

​Due to her own personal experiences of trauma, anxiety and the black dog, Kirstie is now called to work with clients that are ready to work through their own stories of the shadow self, trauma and anxiety. 

​Kirstie is a creatrix, she-wolf and pioneer. Her work is soulful and deep, supporting her tribe to see the deep power they hold, reclaim it and live it every day. This entails supporting her clients explore their shadow self,  to move through their trauma, adversity, mental illness and the stories they tell themselves. 

 Kirstie's mission: help people to explore the shadow, reclaim their personal power and voice so that they can live an authentic, passionate and heart-centred life, fully free.

  • Kirstie Pearce

    “I went and saw Kirstie for healing. At that particular time I was struggling a lot ... she really helped me through my internal war. ...I still thank her for her guidance and care. She is one amazing lady, who has the gift of love to give.”

    Verfied Client

  • Kirstie Pearce

    “I began working with Kirstie in 2018 when my life was at a crossroads, having been divorced with a young child, starting a new relationship, and not enjoying my career, I was unsure what direction to take my life and needed some serious help with boundaries!
    I have found Kirstie’s intuitive approach coupled with pragmatic tools to be extremely clarifying and has aided in me taking my life into my own hands and steadily working on building a life I choose. Currently I am halfway through a graduate diploma to change my career direction, my relationship with my child is strong and I am enjoying a healthy relationship with my partner. ”

    Verified Client

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