Check in with the soul


Life moves at a rapid speed and we are dragged along life like a battered leaf 🍂 on a river, thrown around by the rapids, distracted by the constant movement of a life we feel is beyond our control. 


Observing the leaf we may think it is going with the flow. But is it?


We observe other people’s lives on social media. The happy smiles. The beautiful poses, the perfect body, amazing make up, fast cars and new toys. But we never really know what pain sits behind those eyes, looking out at us. 


We are all searching wanting to fill the void with some “thing”, anything. Along comes addiction with a lure of filling the void: gambling, shopping, drugs, alcohol, food, exercise.  Anything to make us feel we are enough, that we are ok. 




But what if you stopped, what if you took a breath and put your hand to your heart ❣ and ... just ... breathed? What would you hear? What does your soul say? 


My soul says to me today:

“Oh beautiful woman, how bright you are, your light shines today. How open and honest you are today, connecting to your true self. It is just divine” 


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