Bones: Women's Lineage


It’s not the writing of the words specifically - it is dropping into the feelings as they arise. It is connecting to the words and the feelings locked deep inside, inside muscle, sinew and bone. 

The term dancing the bones is a process of unlocking the “story” of the bones. Bones are far more  complex than we realise. Look at the decomposing body, everything decays  except the bone and bone can become fossilised. Stories .. there are stories in the bones. 

Dropping into my bones, I feel the blocks held there. Knees, ankles, hips - fear of moving forward, fear of trusting my bones to keep me upright and on path. What if I let go and trusted my bones and the bones of my ancestors? My ancestors who have walked this earth before me, their bones buried upon and within this earth. 

Drum beats. Feet stomping the earth in deep ritual earth practices, calling up magic, calling up connection, calling in the elements. Calling the Goddess home, calling her to guide the work of the women. The Goddess sharing stories/rituals in the secret spaces of the women. The women know and share the stories down their bloodlines. Remember, remember, young women, this is your heritage, this is ancient womb wisdom, the stories of all women, the stories of She. 

You know, it is with you, you have always known. Call the Goddess, call the lineage, call the women back in. Walk with Wolf at your side, walk with Crow wisdom. 

How can you hear the stories of the bones? 

                           By exploring your archetypes. 

                                              Female archetypes such as the Maiden, Mother, Maga and

                                              Crone hold the secrets of the bones.

This is for another blog. In the meantime feel the story of your bones.... quieten your mind and hear your ancient lineage speaking to you...



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