Soul Whispers


To listen to ones soul is so important - taking time to listen to the quit whispers. Did you hear that? That quiet voice? What did it remind you? What did it ask you to remember? 

Did it remind you that you are truly beautiful? That you are loved and held by the sacredness of life? 

Did it remind you that you truly matter in the lives of those around you? That you bring value to those people each and every day? 

Did your soul remind you that you are here for a purpose? That the world needs you and your big heart now? 

Fear and doubt can stop you from stepping up but your soul will continue to whisper to you and quietly call you home - home to yourself and your true nature. 

The soul knows - it knows because it is one small spark in this infinite universe. You are one part of this bigger puzzle of the universe, you may be small but your piece of this puzzle is needed for the greater good of all. 

Your soul beckons … listen … listen… it is talking to you. 

My soul is calling me to create, create the book that I need to read. I still feel so unsure if its content and so I will write. I will write for the Goddess, for the women, my women, they speak to me. I will spill their words and wisdom onto these pages. Their words are timeless and ancient. They speak to the souls, hearts and bodies is all women. Their words are visceral and the body will respond with a “yes, these words resonate”. 

I feel you…

         I feel you… 

                 I feel you… 

                           I know you ...


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