The mind is a fragile thing. Why is it that one person has the ability to carve out the most amazing life and create/manifest all they desire and more?  Where another spirals down into a life of being destitute, using drugs and being in total fear for their life and cannot see a way forward or their part in it.

I had a counselling session with a counsellor that uses Choice Theory. It was deeply insightful as the questions he asked promoted me to consider the language I use and how I would like my life to look different. He led me from a space where I felt I had little or no control into a space where anything is possible. 

This is my one precious life and I am taking it with both hands… and that is my choice.

7 strategies to make great choices:

  1. Take you time - reflect on priorities and goals, take stock of the benefits
  2. Reduce stress – focus on living a life that is content, choose simple, interesting options. Say no.
  3. Accept that there may be multiple paths – there is no wrong decision. There is only learning and growth.
  4. Breathe and go with the flow – its ok to feel resistance but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Brave choices can mean a positive change.
  5. You are a human being, not a human doing. Who you are is more important that what you do.
  6. Seek others out that have faced tough choices – reflect on them, they may bring clarity.
  7. Trust your process – you will grow and learn.


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