Are you tired of living in your head all day?

You must be so exhausted. Feeling like you don't know what is true for you? It's not your fault. We live in such a busy world and we are constantly being bombarded with other people's opinions about how we should be living our life.  Instagram, Facebook ... It's information overload. I hear you, I get it, because I have been there. You are feeling lost and disconnected from your own intuition, your own personal compass. 

But it can be different...

 Through this e-book you will discover what intuition is, barriers to listening to your intuition and how it appears in your life on a daily basis. This is your first step towards feeling deeply connected to your True North, your intution. 

Connect to yourself

Present with your own truth

Follow your internal compass

Be more aware of the small voice inside you directing you to your truth

Feel empowered 

 Taking back control of your life

  • Kirstie Pearce

    “I went and saw Kirstie for healing. At that particular time I was struggling a lot ... she really helped me through my internal war. ...I still thank her for her guidance and care. She is one amazing lady, who has the gift of love to give.”

  • Kirstie Pearce

    “I began working with Kirstie in 2018 when my life was at a crossroads, having been divorced with a young child, starting a new relationship, and not enjoying my career, I was unsure what direction to take my life and needed some serious help with boundaries!
    I have found Kirstie’s intuitive approach coupled with pragmatic tools to be extremely clarifying and has aided in me taking my life into my own hands and steadily working on building a life I choose. Currently I am halfway through a graduate diploma to change my career direction, my relationship with my child is strong and I am enjoying a healthy relationship with my partner. ”