Deep dive into meditation and ritual practices that support a quiet mind and allow you to connect with your intuition

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Are you craving deep peace and looking for a way to bring gentle practices into your daily life?


Do you find you have a busy brain? Your mind is constantly on. 

You want to create space to really hear that inner voice. 

You are so over distracting yourself with noise. 

If you answered a wholehearted Yes! then I am so glad you found your way here. 

Oh I know that feeling. I recall waking up one night and feeling like one of those computers with lots of 1's and 0's running on the screen, out of control. It was then that I realised I was having an anxiety attack. It was a big wakeup call to stop living in my head and connect to my intuition and to my "self". 

It was then that I started to meditate and journal. These practices allowed me create stillness in my life and bring me into awareness of my emotional states. 

It is these very practices that I am now on a mission to share in order to create tangible changes in your life. 



Are you ready to bring more stillness into your life? 


Yes! I want stillness

In this program you will be guided through: 

Module 1: Stillness

  • How to find stillness in everyday moments
  • Creating sacred space for meditation
  • The tools of stillness
  • Meditation basics
  • Mindfulness basics
  • Building a meditation practice

Module 2: What you put into your mind

  • Journalling basics
  • Creating sacred space for gratitude journalling
  • Gratitude journalling prompts
  • Building a journalling practice

Module 3: What you purge from your mind

  • Creating sacred space for purge journalling
  • Purge journalling prompts
  • Rewriting your story
  • Letter writing as a purging tool

Module 4: Daily Ritual Practices

  • Ritual basics
  • Creating ritual sacred space 
  • Oracle basics
  • Your intuition and how to sense and use it

Module 5: Finding Your Centre

  • Mind/heart connection
  • Creating sacred space to centre
  • Coming back to your body
  • Grounding meditation

Module 6: Visioning Your Life

  • Vision board basics
  • Setting a vision board intention
  • Creating a vision board


  • Video lessons for each module

  • Meditations to create stillness

  • Tasks to take your practices deeper 

  • Downloadable worksheets with journal prompts

  • Access to my closed Facebook Group

  • Weekly lives in the Facebook Group

  • Lifetime access to the program


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45 min personal coaching session with me

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