This program takes you deep into healing your woundings so you can bring your soul's core purpose to life 



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Do you feel like there is more to your healing process than what you have currently learnt? 


Are you tired of all the healers talking the talk but not getting you the results? 

Are you looking for a mentor (aka Spiritual Mumma) to walk alongside you on your healing journey?

Are you sick of replaying the same old story? 

You must be  exhausted! 

Are you ready to go deep into your healing process? 

If you answered a wholehearted Yes! then I am so glad you found your way here. 

Oh I have been there.  My healing journey has taken many twists and turns.  From growing up in an alcoholic home and experiencing post natal depression to a full blown breakdown in a corporate job and working for a manipulative boss, I have delved deep into my healing processes. As I journeyed out of these destructive places I discovered many healing modalities. I began massaging, learnt hands on healing, studied psychotherapy, yoga, somatics, life coaching, shadow work, embodied dance practices and counselling.

I absorbed myself in intense learning about crystals, flower essences and essential oils. These tools supported me as I healed and I continue to use them today.  

These practices allowed me create stillness in my life, to go deep into my own healing and bring me into awareness of my emotional states.  

I did the internal work.... and I found it powerful!

It is these very practices that I am now on a mission to share in order to create tangible changes in your life. 




 Are you ready to step into deep, soulful healing and live the life your were born to live?  

Yes! I'm ready to live my best life

In this program you will be guided through: 

Module 1: Healing the Inner Child

We explore the concept of the inner child, why she needs to be healed and how to hear her story.  You will be led through various processes to bring your little girl closer and work with her so you can live your adult life with fullness and emotional awareness. 

Module 2: Healing the Mother Wound

This module will take you deep into mother and motherhood woundings.  We will work with various tools and processes to heal the mother wounds such as meditation, movement, journalling and more. 

Module 3: Healing the Father Wound

Just like our relationship with our mother, the relationship with our father is pivotal to our growth into a powerful and integrated woman. This module with take you through the process of working with father and masculine wounding

Module 4: Healing the Sister Wounds

Our sisterhood should be our greatest supporter but that is not always the case. We can carry sisterhood wounding from our childhoods and particularly our teenage years. This module takes you deep into healing those wounds and allowing you to create amazing relationships with the women in your life

Module 5: Connecting to the Soul

This module takes you into a space of stillness, to allow you to reconnect with your source, your soul.  Using tools and ritual processes  you will find yourself deeply connected to your inner voice and your inner knowing

Module 6: Rituals to Support Soul Healing

The final module gives you a tangible toolbox of resources that you can return to again and again as life takes you on the many inevitable twists and turns that is ... well ... life.  You will finish of this course feeling empowered,  brave and ready to take a leap of faith


  • Fortnightly group mentoring sessions

  • One x one-on-one coaching session

  • Video lessons for each module

  • Meditations to create stillness

  • Tasks to take your practices deeper 

  • Downloadable worksheets with journal prompts

  • Access to my closed Facebook Group

  • Weekly lives in the Facebook Group

  • Lifetime access to the program


Bonus to the end of August 2020: 

60 min personal coaching session with me


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