Soulful journeying to connect with your body's innate wisdom, hear her voice and allow you to find authentic self-love

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Are you craving a deeper connection to your body and a way to bring self-love practices into your daily life?


Do you find you are living from the neck up? Constantly in your head?

Do you feel numb in your body? 

Do you want to find that connection to really hear your body's messages? 

Are you are ready to hear her, feel her and connect to her?  

If you answered a wholehearted Yes! then I am so glad you found your way here. 

I know that numb feeling well. I had been so disconnected from my body that she had to yell at me to get me to listen.  Within the space of two years I had experienced endometriosis, Ross River virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  It was a massive wakeup call that led me to seek out alternative therapies such as Chinese Medicine, massage, acupuncture and yoga. I finally began to feel my body coming alive and connecting deeper within my embodied "self". 

As a result of my experience with these therapies I went on to study massage, yoga, somatics and embodied dance practices. These practices allowed me create a deeper connection to my body and bring me into awareness her self-love messages. 

It is these very embodiment practices that I am now on a mission to share in order to create tangible changes in your life. 



Are you ready to find a deeper connection to your body and embody self-love? 

Yes! I want connection

In this program you will be guided through: 

Module 1: The Unseen Body

  • Aura basics
  • Chakra basics
  • Creating sacred space for cleansing the unseen body
  • Cleaning the auric fields
  • Cleansing the chakras
  • Building a daily cleansing practice

Module 2: The Connected Body

  • Female cycles
  • Moon cycles
  • Moon cycles and their connection to your body
  • Creating sacred space for the connected body
  • Tracking your cycles with the moon

Module 3: The Feeling Body

  • Somatic basics
  • Shaking basics
  • Creating sacred space for the feeling body
  • Building a daily feeling body practice

Module 4: The Quiet Body

  • Yoga breathwork basics
  • Yoga asanas (poses) basics
  • Creating sacred space for a yoga practice
  • Building a daily yoga practice

Module 5: The Awakened Body

  • Non-linear dance basics
  • Creating sacred space to dance
  • Coming back to your body
  • Building a daily embodied dance practice

Module 6: The Pleasure Body

  • Self-touch basics
  • Tantra basics
  • Creating sacred space for pleasure
  • Building an embodied pleasure practice


  • Video lessons for each module

  • Embodiment practices to create connection

  • Tasks to take your practice deeper 

  • Downloadable worksheets 

  • Access to my closed Facebook Group

  • Weekly lives in the Facebook Group

  • Access to my Spotify playlist

  • Lifetime access to the program


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