Intuition 101

An immersive experience of what your intuition is, barriers to accessing it and tools and tips to harness the power of your intution

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Are you wondering what the signs are when your intuition is at work?


Do you suspect that your intuition is trying to tell you something? Are you having some unusual experiences? 

Do you want to harness the power of your intuition to enhance your life?  Maybe help others too? 


If you answered a wholehearted Yes! then I am so glad you found your way here. 

I know that feeling of my intuition whispering to me, sending me subtle (and not so subtle) sign of the next steps I should take. I found myself sitting in my car one day, unable to move, I was definitely in a full blow freeze response. I had chosen to ignore the signs and messages from my intuition. Now I look back, there were a lot of signs. It was a huge turning point, a nudge from my Higher Self, my intuition, to start living my purpose.  

It is these very  subtle practices that I am now on a mission to share with you in order to create tangible changes in your life.


Are you ready to listen to your intuition? 

Yes I am

In this program you will be guided through:

Lesson  1 - Introduction

Provides an overview of the course content

Lesson 2 - What is Intuition and how it shows up?

Explore the signs and cues that indicate your intuition is alive and well

Lesson 3 - Barriers to Intuition and how to overcome them

Explore the most common barriers to accessing your intuition and what you can do to overcome them in your daily life

Lesson 4 - Developing your intuition through stillness

Using meditation practices to create stillness and strengthen your intuition

 Lesson 5 - Developing your intuition through signs and symbols

Explore the signs  and symbols that are guiding you closer to your intuition

Lesson 6 - Tying it all together

The final lesson provides an overview of how all the practices tie together to ensure you are well on your way to be guided by your intuition


  • Video lessons for each module

  • Meditations to tap into your intuition

  • Tasks to take your practices deeper 

  • Downloadable worksheets 

  • Lifetime access to the program

intuition 101

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